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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Ello there! Nate here. I've discovered something amazing. 

I've discovered a kickass half hour workout routine to Matt and Kim + Blink-182 and this actually works. I've done this 5 nights in a row and am thouroughly satisfied with my results. 

Good For Great- Pushups during verses and switch to clap push-ups during chorus
Daylight- Crunches
Feeling This- Sit-ups through whole song
Obvious- Plank during verse and pushups during chorus
I Miss You- Penguin crunches 
Violence- Sit-ups during verses and push-ups during choruses. 
Stockholm Syndrome-  Wall sit
Down- Pushups 
Fallen Interlude- Water and cool down time. 

This seriously works. My abs were really shitty lookiing, but now they're getting a wee bit more defined. 

For Push-ups, you could also try Anthem Part 2.  Which would make it so that you could just omit the crunches altogether 

This is a workout that I do without questioning, every single night, unless I have some prior engagement and I don't get home until extremely late. 

I dare you to try it. Bet ya can't do it! 

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