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Friday, August 19, 2011

Misinformants lose a friend

This post is dedicated to the memory of Sorren Alvin Sakicho.

Earlier tonight, I received one of the most depressing phone calls that I've gotten in quite a while. For those of you who are fans of The Misinformants, it hurts me to inform you that Sorren Sakicho has passed away in the Japan Earthquake. My thoughts and prayers go out to his wife and newborn son. They will be recieving a check for $800 from each member of the band. I've managed to gather the rest of the band. This is the first time since our initial break-up that I have spoken to these guys. We're here to share our stories about Sorren and to help each other get through this hard time.

John- Lead guitar/ vocals
I remember when I first met Sorren. I was 10 and it was probably 1998. He was the weirdest person I ever met, but I guess that is why he fit in so well. We never stopped talking. He was my best friend.. He said we were like Beavis and Butthead. I, quite obviously would be Beavis because he was always the more logical yet equally naive brother I never had. It was his idea to start the band in the first place. He was probably the hardest working member of the band (other than the squirt). When we disbanded and went away to college, he and I never lost contatct. I went to Wichita State and he went to KU. We would party every weekend and I would always get so fucked up that I just ended up passing out on his couch. Nothing ever did beat the crazy times I had with that crazy little shit and nothing ever will. I was best man at his wedding and am the godfather of his first  born son. I can honestly say that I will miss him

Daniel- Bass/ Vocals
Being locked in a freezer. That was when I first met Sorren. We had accidentally locked ourselves in the freezer at Cordley Elementary school. If I remember correctly, we were both running away from the school bully. And even though we were in an extremely icy place, a warm and long friendship started to grow. When we were at Central Junior High, he introduced me to Amanda Freeman, who just recently became my fiance`. I remember when Johnny, the squirt, and I took him to his bachelor party. We all got soooooooo wasted. Even the Squirt who wasn't really a squirt anymore. I was there when his second son was born. And I somehow managed to become their godMOTHER.  Well, Sorren, You equalled no one that I've ever known. I'll miss you buddy.

Nate- Rhythm guitar
I'm at a loss for words. I always looked up to Sorren. He's the only member of the band that I really kept in touch with after we split. I would call him every weekend and we would plan something. I feel like I've lost a brother. I can't even imagine what Jenn, Michael and Tom are going through. In many ways, Jenn is like an older sister to me as well. Michael started calling me Uncle Nater tots. I really do regret the fact that Tom will never get to know what an amazing dad he had. I've lost a friend, a mentor, and the one person that I could tell anything and that wouldn't ever judge me. That was one of Sorren's best traits. Sorren, I'm, really going to miss you, man.

The Misinformants will be reforming with Molly Halifer on drums and will be hosting a series of benefit shows. All proceeds will go to the relief effort in Japan.

Donate to the American Red Cross

          Donate to Hard Rock Cafe's Japan Relief efforts.

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