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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Adultry Teens Studio Update

Hello there, Scarlet Letters, Red Ringers, Sniper Rifle fans or general people who read this blog.  Nate here.

The Adultry Teens put in some serious effort in the studio last night. We might and I say that word (might) with a hint of hesitation, be able to release the album earlier than we originally thought. I just thought that I'd release the song titles to relieve the pressures of waiting so long

Here's the songs that we currently have named. They are not at all in any sort of order 

Cigarettes and Aviators
Dead by Wednesday
Save the Summer
Who Forgot To Name This Song?
Cecilia (working title)
Letters to Mom and Dad (working title)
This is What We've Waited For (working title)
Last Punk Song

The A-Teens have also been extremely hard at work on the E.P. Here's the song names for that as well

Crazy Times at Free State High
This Girl
Going Away To College (Blink-182 cover)

Here's the list of writers and people who gave opinions and advice on the music. I owe them all favors. And I owe Jack and Cone pizza. 

Yours truly,
Natalie N.
Miller Wolf
Cal Young
Jack Lange
Cone McCain
Andrew Vengaren
Taylor Thymine

We've been tinkering with everything. We've changed the tempo and the key of two songs in the past two days. We actually had to re-write Last Punk Song entirely. At this point, I'm not sure that it will make it on the album. We have had minor setbacks with tuning problems while we were recording. At one point when we were recording Dead by Wednesday, I was using a guitar that was tuned a full step down and Cal was using a bass tuned to standard. I will take responsibility for that one. 

What we've decided to do this week is focus on one song at a time. We have Cigarettes and Aviators 99.99999% ready. We just need to minor clean-ups on the guitar. 

In all honesty, I am glad that the masters were stolen. I'm seeing things that I didn't see last time. OOP! I just got a text telling me that Cigarettes and Aviators is complete. So, at 11:45  AM on Tuesday, August 9th, we got our first song done. Well, anyway. I noticed for one thing, when we were re-recording Letters To Mom and Dad, we were approaching the song all wrong soundwise. It was a medium distortion song, when it needed to be more of an acoustic. Also, it needed to be drastically slowed down. The song was 220 BPM. We slowed it down to 193 BPM. On This is What We Waited For, I found the the guitar line that I was playing was just absolutely horrible. Miller and Cal sat down and re-wrote it. I am quite happy with the new guitar line. 

 Now, I am going to do a track by track of the album. But it won't be in order because the order has not yet been determined. 

Cigarettes and Aviators
This song is quite interesting because I have over 12 versions of this in my notebook. This song is one that I've been sitting on for around a year and a half. I wrote it about this girl that I know. She and I dated for around 2 years. I don't know why I chose to release it in this band on this album. That's just to clarify. I know that a lot of people will be asking, "What made you feel like this was the best time to release the song?". 
Out of the various versions that I have of this song, I actually went with the original. I remember the night that I wrote it. This song has a "The Rock Show" sorta vibe to it. Fell in love with a girl and that sort of thing. But my song is different. 

Dead by Wednesday
I was debating on whether or not to make this album conceptual. Turns out that I didn't feel that was the best option. This song was going to be one of the last songs on the album. It basically is the feelings of resentment towards one's ex after they leave you. This song isn't really about anybody. It was just one of those songs that Miller and I just sat down and wrote. I think he had the lyrics and I wrote the guitar line. The current version sounds nothing like its predecessor. When we first wrote it, it was going to have this reggae vibe to it. Now it's more of a heavier song. I think I took a lot of inspiration from the sound of Blink-182's self titled album and Sum 41's album Does This Look Infected. 

Save the Summer
I have never put so little thought into a song as I have with this one. Mainly because I wasn't the one who wrote this. This was one of my best friend, Alexander's unused songs. I have all of his old notebooks. This song was written about my sister. I think that the title is a play on words in the way that it could mean, saving the summer from ending or a save the date kind of thing. Both of those are themes in the song. Personally, I don't really know what Alexander had in mind when he wrote the song. I talked to Taylor Thymine, who was the other frontman of his main band. He said that he didn't know the song existed, and that he had no idea what Alexander planned to do with it. He helped write and record the guitar lines. He will also most likely be playing at the live shows. 

Who Forgot To Name This Song
Who forgot to write the description of this song? 

The title has absolutely nothing to do with the song. I just needed a working title for it.  The song is actually like an instrumental interlude. For this song, we had Cal on piano and we just told him to play what came natural. I think this song will be in the very middle of the album. I don't know how to describe the tune. Everybody hears something different. I hear a haunting tune. Miller hears it as an upbeat and uplifting song. 

Letters to Mom and Dad
The song's title makes it somewhat self explanatory. Each verse is  was written by a different band member and is a message for their parents. The only thing that is comparable to this song is the chorus of A Day To Remember's Homesick. The third verse is fairly interesting because we decided to cut the drums for that verse so Emma could sing during live performances. I really want to make a music video for this song. I'm actually writing something for it. This song has a central theme of feeling out of place with one's parents. This is definitely a song that a teenager can relate to. We fight and argue with our parents, but most of the time we always come back and say, "I love you, Mom and Dad." which is the last line of the song. 

This is What We've Waited For
I took the title directly from Goldfinger's cover of 99 Red Balloons . However, this song is basically about death. I wouldn't call it a sad song. It's a song about the inevitable. I wrote this about 2 weeks before Blink-182's single, Up All Night, came out. I was really surprised with how similar the two were. This song is not like Adam's Song . It's not about suicide. It's more about life than death, now that I think about it. One of the main phrases in the song is "....before I die".  Life sucks, then you die. You can change the first part, but the second part is inevitable. 

Last Punk Song
No information currently available. 

I know how cruel it is that I'm giving you the track names and the descriptions, yet the album isn't done.  


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