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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Up All Night

Hello there, Scarlet Letters, Red Ringers, Sniper Rifle fans or general people who read this blog.  Natalie here.

Well, Today is the big day. The day that the new Blink-182 tour starts. I'm actually pretty excited about it. I've never been a huge Blink-182 fan like my brother, but I can honestly say that I have fallen in love with their album, Take Off Your Pants and Jacket.

Nate is thinking about taking up bass guitar. Probably due to his new "Mark Hoppus" haircut. He is designing his own custom bass. However, at this point, it bears more resemblance to some sort of stringed time machine than to a bass guitar. Nate says this is going to be the bass guitar equivalent of Josie. Well, let me be the first to say that I never realized just how much work he put into Josie.

He  wanted to "work and fight, stay up all night to celebrate the day" And I figured that what he meant was that he was just going to spend the whole night working on guitars again.

So I'm considering actually getting a Twitter. I don't know if I will though. I'm pretty sure that the only one that would actually follow me is Nate. However, I noticed that Nate was getting some pretty tight updates from his favorite bands. So it's on my "I might just have to look into that" list. I won't ever post anything personal on Twitter...ever. Mostly music updates

Well, now I am going to do something special. Nate actually gave me permission to put these on here. So here goes everything



VERSE 1   
C5                  C5/G                       
People always told me that she’s no good for me
           F5                      C5/G
But when I look into her eyes, they tell a completely different story
C5                   C5/G                 F
Every single word that I write to her is reflected back at me
in the lens of her aviators

A5  C5        A5  C5        A5 C5       D5   
  I know that she knows that I love her so

C5                         E5          A5
Girl with the cigarettes and aviators, please, if you leave,
promise you’ll call me later
C5                          E5
Girl with the cigarettes and aviators,
A5                   F5    G5
you are always on my mind.

C5                             C5/G
I had  thought that love would never find me
I’ve been doing my best to hide
Yet, she’s outside waiting for me
C5               C5/G
I had always that I never thought I had the time
F5              C5/G
But in reality, that was all just a lie.

A5        C5       A5  C5   
She sees deep down into my heart
A5               C5        A5    D5
She puts out her cigarette on the beating part.

C5*                        C5/G*       F*    
Girl with the cigarettes and aviators, Please, if you leave,
promise you’ll call me later.
C5*                        C5/G*
Girl with the cigarette and aviators,
F5*                  C5/G*
You are always on my mind.

C5                         E5       A5
Girl with the cigarettes and aviators, Please, if you leave,
Promise you’ll call me later.
C5                         E5
Girl with the cigarettes and aviators,
A5                          F5   G5           C5*     
You’re the one that’s on my mind alright. Goodnight 

*Let ring

Well, there ya have it folks! The first release off of the new album. It may not be the kind of release that you were expecting, but it is the best that can be done at the moment.

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