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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Hello there, Scarlet Letters, Red Ringers, Sniper Rifle fans or general people who read this blog.  Natalie here.
I was thinking about doing the same thing that Nate did yesterday. Except for I'm not going to release that much information about The Sniper Rifles' new album. 

This is the current tracklist for the album. It will get bigger (if you rub it) as we work on it more.

1. Road to Nowhere (Highway signs)
2. Fallout
3. I'm Not Like You
4. Untitled (no working title yet) 
5. Tripping Over Clumsy Words
6. Freshman Year

Aleera, Michele, and I have been working extremely hard to make this album the best that it can be. We haven't had many problems with having to changing the keys or tempos of any songs. Mainly because if we did, it would throw off the feel of the whole album. 

People who helped us write and re-write the music

Aleera Paulsen
Michele Paulsen
Savannah Paulsen
Nate N.
Taylor Thymine
Alexander Adenine (posthumously)

I knew from the start that album was going to be fairly difficult. Particularly because we didn't really have any idea what kind of music we wanted to play or what we even wanted from this album. I think that it is important to have a plan as to what you want to accomplish...before you go into the studio. We had material written, but we decided to write entirely new songs just for the album. I hate how much my brother's project and mine are turning out so much alike. But our EP is going to be coming out sometime in December. Theirs is coming out next month or something. I'm not exactly sure what the release date is. 

What we have done so far is the drums and the bass. Normally, I'd say bass guitar, but we are using a bass guitar and double bass. We have guitar done and vocals on 4 or 5 of the tracks.  We're really lucky to have Aleera. She is great at programming and arranging backing tracks. She has added in keyboard, and synth effects to a few of the tracks. She reminds me of Isabella 'Machine" Summers of Florence + The Machine. 

Lyrically, I think this album couldn't be more solid. We were going to have various outside opinions on our lyrics, but then we decided that it wasn't necessary. We had a whole bunch of great lyrics that we had written, from various notebooks that we had. We also used a song that I was going to put on the album I did with Alexander.

Say, 1, 2, take off your shoes as you walk barefoot down the street
Just to be the thing that you can be. Just live for one more week. 

Well, here's the breakdown for the album. 

Road to Nowhere (Highway Signs)
Aleera here! I wrote this song. I don't remember the full story behind it. I think I wrote it after I came home one night after doing some extensive traveling. When you travel as much as I do, you start to miss the ones close to you and start to feel like you're just trying to avoid things. In a sense, that is what this song is about. I think that Nate has rubbed off a little bit on me. It's very similar to Boulevard of Broken Dreams in the sense that everyone is trying to find their way and it's only when they get lost that they truly find themselves.


This song is one that we didn't really spend a lot of time on. I'm going to be honest about that. It's a fairly simple song about what happens after a breakup. The "falling out" that a boy and girl will have. It's piano, and drums.

I'm Not Like You (And I Don't Want To Be)
This song is about being yourself. Nate said that it reminds him of One Good Reason by Blink-182. Basically, the song questions why anybody would want to sacrifice individuality just to fit in. It is an age old question among punks. When we started writing the tune this song, it actually started out as a fairly dark song. We used flats at the end of every chord progression. The song is actually one of Alexander's unused songs. And just as my brother did, we brought in Taylor Thymine. Taylor heard the first version of the song and his first response was, "Dude, why does it have to be so dark?  I like the guitar and bass line, but I don't think they are right for the song." I value Taylor's opinion very highly. He worked with Alexander quite a bit. So we re-wrote the tune. And after we had played it a few times through, we realized that he was right. The song didn't need to be so dark. 

This is one of the songs that we were going to use on The Red Ringed Revolvers 3rd album, but we went on hiatus before we finished the album. The untitled song is not going to be the final name. We just can't think of a good name for it. The song is about things that most people don't want to talk about. For example, this song has the central themes of how hard growing up can be without parents, feeling out of place in one's own home, and things of that nature. 

Tripping Over Clumsy Words
This song is one that we played live. We were told that it sounds a lot like a response to Blink-182's Going Away To College. This song isn't a response to Going Away To College. It falls in the same category. Michele wrote this one to her boyfriend Jason when she was in Florida and he was in California. 

Freshman Year
This song co-written by Nate. Since he's the only one of us who has actually been in a public school, we figured he'd be the best one to help us out. This song is about one's first year of high school. 

There ya have it. 

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