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Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Okay, so I don't watch all that much tv anymore due to the boycott I have on it, but when I did watch TV, I always used to love to watch the Late Show with David Letterman. He has the coolest job. He gets to talk to all these awesome people and listen to the best bands in the world perform live on his show. One thing I've kind of been thinking about is starting a top ten of bands, music, songs, and lyrics. There are so many topics that I can relate to in a music sense. I'm actually going to start out with 3 top tens, but they are all going to have different subjects.

TOP TEN SONGS (that I listen to a lot) ABOUT L  )VE

10. Roller Coaster- Blink-182
I think the reason why this is even on the list, is because I can relate to the song's meaning. It's about how Mark Hoppus went out with a girl, and it had to be a total secret. I know what that's like. I experienced it with Callie.

9. Girl is On My Mind- The Black Keys
The first time I heard this song was on Kay Diamond commercials that started to air last Christmas. Just kidding. This is one of my favorite songs off of the Black Key's album, Rubber Factory. It's always been one that I listen to when.... well, I have a girl on my mind (which is quite often)

8. She's A Rebel- Green Day
If ever there were a need for a good ol' punk rock love song, this song would definitely fit the bill. This is one of the most played songs on my iTunes. It ranks up there with the others on this list. My favorite line from this song is definitely the "And she's holding on my heart like a hand grenade". That is purely lyrical genius.

7. Time to Break Up- Blink-182
I said this top ten was about love. And as most of us have found out, love much like girls, can be a beautiful thing one day, and a total bitch, the next. This song is about a guy trying to accept the fact that he just broke up with this girlfriend. Been there, done that. My favorite line of this song is : "I used to hate the lipstick. It stained and tasted so sick. The panty hose and the bras she threw on my guitars." Been there too...

6. Fell in Love with a Girl - The White Stripes

5. First Date- Blink-182
This song is the epitome of how a guy feels during his first date with a girl. We dress to impress, and are most of the time destined to fail.  MY GOD! I can totally relate to nearly shitting my pants on my first date, and thinking, "Shit, I hope she doesn't think I'm a dork." which, is the case most time, and as it turns out, it isn't a bad thing.  My favorite line from this song is : Actually, I like all the lyrics.

4. Do You Remember- Jack Johnson
I've always loved this song. It's about looking back through a long relationship. It's something that Aleera and I do quite often. However, we never did burn down a tree. My favorite line in this song is the one about "playing house".

3.Please Take Me Home- Blink-182
This song is definitely applicable to my situation. Here's a quote from Tom
 I remember always feeling like the world might be a little different if everybody wasn't such a pussy and said what they wanted to people they liked. The problem is, people are too scared of rejection. How many times have you seen somebody somewhere, but didn't say a thing. Next time, fuck it, if you like someone, say something. The worst that could happen is they'll smile and say "thanks" or "no thanks".  This statement describes part of my situation. The other part is described in my favorite line and the opening line of the song, when Tom says "Oh, no it happened again, She's cool, she's hot, she's my friend." I can honestly say that one of my closest friends is the one that I like. Yep, that's me coming clean. And I think that I've finally found the balls to ask her ex, who is one of my best friends, if it's okay for me to ask her out (common courtesy and what not).

2. The Rock Show - Blink-182
I think this song is self explanatory. I actually fell in love with a girl who I met at a Blink-182 concert in 2001, saw her again in 2003, and didn't actually formally meet her until 2011. I started dating her and it's been like something out of a love song until we ended up having to split because she moved. I love everything about the chorus too. When they play it live, it goes something like this

Mark: With the girl at the rock show
Mark: and I told her that I didn't know
Mark: Better sneak into my window.
Everything's better when she's around
Can't wait til her parents go out of town.
I fell in love with the girl at the rock show.

This is my favorite Blink-182 song ever. It is the most played song on my iTunes and for good reason. The lyrics in this song are totally relevent to what I'm going to have to be saying to a girl next summer. I plan to have a girlfriend by the beginning of next semester. However, I plan on graduating early so I'll be going off to college a whole year early. Favorite line : "Bouquet of clumsy words, a simple melody. This world's an ugly place, but you're so beautiful to me."

Well, I'll be posting two more today. Thank's for reading!

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