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Friday, December 2, 2011


Hey! There faithful readers. Natalie here. I'm coming to you from New York City. It's currently a little after 3 in the morning and I just finished my interview that is a part of my favorite underground radio talk show in the city called Last Call. Last call was underground before being underground was even cool.

The host goes by the name of Dorian Gray due to the fact that his voice has not changed since the 60's. It always sounds like the same teenage boy. Nobody really knows who's behind the mask. This was my first time on the show and I was hella nervous. Nate's been on the show probaby 20-30 times promoting The Adultry Teens, The TBA's The Drop Dead Dearies, The Spray-Paint Bandits. and he is scheduled  to appear on the show over spring break to promote his latest project, Tables Have Turned's upcoming release in June.

For those of you that haven't already seen me or met me in person, I'm a terrible public speaker. In all honesty, crowds scare me to death. But I am rather proud of myself and have decided to post the dialogue from tonight's interview. Oh! And halfway through, Nate's newest girlfriend came in to finish off the interview due to a prior obligation that I had.

DG: Welcome back to Last call. This is your host Dorian Gray. We are currently here today with the sister of long time guest and friend, Nate Neurotoxin. Her name is Natalie and she is promoting her recent release with her band, The Sniper Rifles, and her most recent re-release of the album, Needle+Vein by her former band, Red Ringed Revolvers. Natalie, how are you doing?

NN: I'm doing great Dorian. And actually.... I think that this re-release is going to have a bigger reaction than the release of the new material.

DG: Why would you say that?

NN: Well, I think that the Red Ringed Revolvers have gained more of a following, and more of a fanbase throughout the years. Whereas the Sniper Rifles, though definitely related to the Triple R, is something totally different and hasn't had much time to grow.

DG: How large is your fanbase for the Red Ringed Revolvers?

NN: I'd say from coast to coast. I mean, we don't have 1 fan per square mile, But we probably have 1 fan per every 100 square miles.

DG: That isn't bad at all.

NN: I agree. I love the work we did with Red Ringed Revolvers and hope to see a continuation of that work.

DG: Through the Sniper Rifles?

NN: No.... The Red Ringed Revolvers have so much potential that I decided that they were on going to be put on hiatus and not broken up for good.

DG: So they are only on a hiatus.

NN: Correct. I think of our situation as being the same as +44. Mark Hoppus needed to focus all his time and energy into making the Blink-182 album, the best that it could be. He left +44 open for more albums and didn't let it die with the re-birth of Blink.

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